Aquarium Supplies as Miniatures Terrain

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At some point on my boards I suggested using aquarium decorations as miniatures terrain, since some of the pieces are to scale (or really close) to miniatures and have quite a variety of interesting pieces. Prices for these items ranged from about $5 to under $30.

I took many of these pictures on the floor of my local PetSmart, so if you see any weird shading, plastic lines for price tags, or whatever, well, I tried to clean them up a bit but it's not perfect.

For the photos I took at PetSmart, I put a Games Workshop wraith mini to show scale.

A bunch of oversized dinosaurs for $7.99 each. That triceratops probably has a 3" or 4" base.

A cool rocky outcropping covered in oversized skulls. The cave opening in the front part could easily fit a standard mini.

A triceratops fossil. The base is about 5" long.

A set of pillars with some hieroglyph-looking writing on them.

A big pillar carved with giant heads.

A 90-degree angled wall of stacked rock, good for providing 1/2 cover to a Medium creature. The second picture is the painted version of this (Armor Gray, drybrushed with Ash Gray, drybrushed lightly with Stone Gray (which is actually a light brown), and washed with Wood Shade Ink). One thing I like about this piece is that there's a hole through the middle of the long wall, which makes a good sniper hole for 9/10 cover.

A greenery-encrusted stone bridge, wide enough for a Medium creature to go single-file.

A stone castle on a pile of rocks. A bit small for Medium creatures, but good for Small creatures. Plenty of places to hide and have secret stuff.

A stone crater with some rocks next to it, or maybe the hollowed remains of a big tree stump. If you're clever with resin goo, you could make it a lava pool or a acid pool or something like that. As with the 90-degree wall above, I'd probably prime it gray and drybrush it a lighter gray.

An archway decorated with gargoyles. I'm not totally sure I like the grins on the roof gargoyles, so I might so I might "deface" them if I used such a thing.

A fortified archway, maybe guarding a road or a cave entrance. A lot of neat detail, and plenty of places for archers to hide.

I gigantic tree stump. You could pack this baby full of monsters and stick more on top. A great home for a druid.

An L-shaped ruin of Greek pillars. They also sell a straight section similar to this, and by combining the two you could make a big rectangular or square ruin.

A ruined fortress along a strange rock formation. This would be good at the top of a mountain pass, and it has a lot of varied terrain and would make for an interesting battle site.

Another ruined fortress. Since this one is on a flat base (albeit on a clump of rocks), you might be able to wedge it in between some elevated terrain pieces and ignore all of the stuff underneath (if I bought this, I might even consider removing the "rocks" -- they're just resin, like the whole thing -- so it rests flat on its big base).

A weird cave made out of mottled rock. Good near a lava area, or maybe formed by magic.

A fragment of a larger structure supported by pillars. This picture shows the hidey-hole under the stone parts, which would be a good place for a critter to hide. As before, I'd probably want to change the color of the sandstone parts.

A row of very tall fragmenting pillars. I'd change the colors, but you know that. :)

A big rectangular area surrounded by gigantic pillars, some of them fallen. A cool place for a climactic battle, or even a reenactment of the Moria battle in The Fellowship of the Ring. I would want it gray, of course. :)

A small zig-zag section of archways, nice for breakingh up a room. Make it gray!

A small cave made of piled flatrock.

A strange rock formation made of flatrock. A good landmark or lookout point.

A small cave in a tall brightly-striated rock formation. This says "desert druid" to me.

A cave in the middle of what looks like a big petrified tree.

A big cave formed by smooth-flowing rock and archways. Plenty of flat places on top, too, for lookouts and such.