Craft Supplies as Miniatures Terrain and Game Aids

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Craft stores such as Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics can have some handy and/or cool stuff for use as miniatures terrain or gaming aids. Here are some examples (click the thumbnail for a larger pic).

Birdcage pendant from Blue Moon Beads. I found this in the beads/charms section of JoAnn Fabrics. It has a little bird in it, but you can't really see that when it's on the tabletop. You can't fit a mini in it (the door is too small and the bottom doesn't open), but it's to-scale and looks good on the tabletop... and for $5 it's a good deal.

A skeleton garland from Celebrate It; they're on a twine cord that you can easily cut and remove, giving you six Large or Huge bendable skeletons (each is about 4" tall). You could prop them up with wire, or use them prone as giant corpses. $5 at Michaels in the Halloween section.

White plastic rings from Dritz (yes, that's really the company name!). They have them in several sizes, I got the 1.25" diameter ones because they fit nicely over 1" round miniature bases, allowing me to mark creatures. The ring means you could hang it from a larger creature even though it wouldn't fit the base. I found these at JoAnn Fabrics in the aisle with all the needles... they're normally used for small curtains and tiebacks. At $2 for a pack of 8 (or is it 14?), you could buy a couple packs and spraypaint some of them different colors to represent different conditions.

A big resin skull pillar, about 3"-4" tall, good for a big statue or necromantic altar. $2 at Michaels in the Halloween section.

Toll Bridge from Spookytown (they make tons of Halloween and Xmas scenic stuff). This comes with the tollkeeper guy, who's the height of an ogre, maybe he/she is a hag? Found at the Halloween section of Michaels.

Tree Toob from the Toobs people (they make Toobs of animals, knights, etc.). Tough little plastic trees you can throw in a bin and use for terrain. If you don't like 'em falling over when people bump the table, glue them to a washer. You can find these in Michael's, art stores, hobby stores, and probably in the toy section of stores like Target. A Toob is $5-$10 depending on where you buy it, and contains about 10 trees.