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   Welcome to Der Miniatures Funhaüs!
   In all but the oldest entries here, when I refer to a paint by name it's a Reaper paints (thanks to the generosity of Ron at Reaper miniatures, I have a large collection of Reaper paints, which are ten times better than Games Workshop/Citadel paints ... 2x from the paint quality, 5x from the paint bottle design).
   Just about everything I learned about painting miniatures comes from my brother-in-law and former WotC co-worker JD Wiker. An article on his miniatures-painting class is on the WotC web site.

NEW! 1/19/13 Found Items
Forgefiend LED Project
Painting For Dummies
The Evolution of a Phaerimm Miniature
Making a Gelatinous Cube Miniature
Speedpainting: Talbot the Thief
Speedpainting: Skeleton
Speedpainting: Inking
Speedpainting: The Dip
Terrain Project: Lycanthrope Cave

Aquarium decorations as miniatures terrain
Black Orc Games
Confrontation (Rackham)
Craft supplies as miniatures terrain/gaming aids
Crocodile Games
Das Schwarze Auge
Games Workshop
Hirst Arts Castle Molds
Ironwind Metals
Magnificent Egos
Privateer Press
RAFM and Ral Partha
West Wind Productions
Wizards of the Coast (and TSR)
Unknown/miscellaneous manufacturer