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Wizards of the Coast

Chainmail Non-Chainmail
Chainmail centaurs (red, black, and white variants)
Chainmail Skeletal Hounds
Chainmail Salamanders
Chainmail Azer
Chainmail Pulverizer
Chainmail Dire Boar
Chainmail Owlbear a.k.a. Madclaw
Chainmail Gray Elf Duelist a.k.a. Salavarin
Chainmail Gray Elf Archer a.k.a. Tilluria
Chainmail felldrakes as gold dragons
Chainmail Horned Felldrakes
Chainmail War Ape
Chainmail paladin, a.k.a. Shoma the Half-Fiend
Chainmail centaur, a.k.a. Novorin
Chainmail Crested Felldrake
Chainmail Hyena
Cyclops (stub)
Air elemental (stub)
Fire elemental (stub)
Umber hulk a.k.a. Kotkot
Celestial Eagle
Wizard and Illusionist by TSR, very crappily painted by a teenage Sean
Diablo barbarian a.k.a. Krav of the Bloody Axe
Water Elemental
Diablo Goat Demons
Regdar (human male fighter), a.k.a. Shamoth the Half-Fiend
TSR 25th Anniversary paladin, a.k.a. Gabrilan
25th Anniversary Carrion Crawler
Displacer Beasts
Diablo Slayer
Naull and Diablo Sorceress
Battered Skeletal Troll
Skeletal Minotaur
Jozan, the human male cleric
Krusk, the half-orc male barbarian
Hennet, the human male sorcerer
Diablo skeleton
Diablo paladin
Diablo necromancer
Diablo barbarian
dark elf warrior/Diablo amazon
TSR 25th Anniversary good cleric, a.k.a. "the Plague Priest"
TSR 25th Anniversary barbarian, a.k.a. "Chappy"
TSR 25th Anniversary red dragon
TSR 25th Anniversary good mage
TSR 25th Anniversary evil sorcerer
TSR 25th Anniversary fighter