Speed Painting -- Gen Con So Cal 2004 -- Inking

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At the end of my speed-painting seminar I showed a few examples of how a simple wash of ink on a white-primed miniature can really make details pop, and is also a fast alternative to painting.

Materials Needed:

   This is Lucius Panderwagon from Reaper, primed white. Looks pretty complex: staff, hat, beard, robe, sword, runes on the sword, runes on the robe. But bear with me.
   Here's Lucius is after a wash of brown ink on his robe, beard, hat, and staff, with a wash of black ink on his sword. I admit, I cheated a little bit and painted the sword with metallic paint before giving it the black wash, but even doing the black on the white primer would look interesting (see below). The ink has given him a light color and stuck to the detailed parts to make them stand out. All I did was get my brush wet in the (slightly diluted) ink, brush it all over the mini, then dab at it with a dry brush to sop up the excess ink. Not perfect, but it took about five seconds. Seal it and you're done.
   Here's Lucius scaled down to tabletop size. Hmm, not bad for less than a minute.
   This is a Nekharu With Skull miniature from Crocodile Games, used to represent a simulacrum of a harrid (an Arcana Unearthed/Arcana Evolved creature). White primer with black ink. Note how he looks kinda spooky, and how all the little holes in his clothing and marks on his gear show up.
   This is a Trollkin Mercenary from Privateer Press. Like the nekharu/harrid, he's primed in white and inked in black. Because this guy's almost entirely coated in armor, you actually could give him a coat of metallic paint and ink that in black and he'd be 90% finished.
   This is the Mojh Iron Witch miniature primed in white and inked in turquoise. I had to get a bunch of minis ready for a game I was running at Gen Con So Cal and didn't have time to paint them all, but I wanted the players to be able to spot their PC's mini easily on the table so I primed them white and inked them in different colors (that's also why this guy has his name written on the base). As with the other ink washes, all the details show up nicely, and the turquoise color adds an interesting element to the overall look of the mini.
   This is the male litorian champion mini primed white and inked in green--another PC from the So Cal game.
   Loresong Faen Magister primed in white and "inked" with diluted purple paint. Here's an example of how the process can turn out not quite right--I didn't have any purple ink, and when I mixed blue and red ink it was too dark, so I tried very-thinned lavender paint and the end result is kinda muddy. It's not awful, but not as good as I would have liked. In the future if I want purple I'll either try a more diluted mix of red and blue ink, or actually buy some purple ink.