Doppelganger Monster Class (3.0 version)

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This is the doppelganger monster class, presented in Savage Species format, except using the current ("3.0" August 2000 release) Monster Manual rules. The doppelganger was never scheduled to appear in Savage Species; I wrote this version in December 2002.

You probably still need to have Savage Species to use this table, just so the format and such makes sense, but if you can figure it out without the book, more power to you.

Note several main differences between what is presented here and what is in Savage Species:

Table XXX: Doppelganger (This monster class does not appear in Savage Species)
LevelHit DiceBase Attack BonusFort saveReflex SaveWill SaveSkill PointsCRSpecial
11d8+0+2+2+2261Feat, alter self (Su) (1/day, caster level 6), slam 1d4 + Str, charm and sleep immunity
1Detect thoughts (Su) (1/day, caster level 6, DC 12 + Cha mod), Dex +2
32d8+1+3+3+311Alter self (3/day, caster level 12), natural armor +2
2slam 1d6 + Str, detect thoughts (3/day, caster level 12), +4 racial bonus to Bluff and Disguise
53d8+2+3+3+312Feat, Wis +2
2Alter self (at will, caster level 18), Con +2
74d8+3+4+4+413Detect thoughts (at will, caster level 18), Wis +2
3Str +2, natural armor +4
Doppeganger Class Features:

Note: Given that the aranea is a shapechanger but is listed as a magical beast in Savage Species, the shapechanger type is probably going to be a subtype in D&D 3.5. I'd guess the doppelganger is going to be humanoid (shapechanger).