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The Surinquessir (Eladree)
(a template class for Karin S.)
     Surinquessir is the elven name for a rare kind of part-celestial elf born in a community where sun elves and eladrins (bralani and ghaele) serving Hanali Celanil, elven goddess of love and beauty, interbred. Bearing the gifts of the elves and the heavens, the surinquessir (elven for "people of the celestial places," with quessir being an elven word that specifically means "the elven people") are a joy to their elven and eladrin parents. Those few outside their community who know their nature call them the eladree, eladrin-elves, or (oversimplifying) celestial-elves, and the surinquessir often use the name eladree among non-elves to describe their race.
     Eladree resemble sun elves, though those descended predominantly from bralani celestials tend to have silver-white hair and rainbow-colored eyes and those descended primarily from ghaele celestials have opalescent eyes and an almost-tangible aura of good.
     Some eladree are born with the full powers of their race, others develop more slowly and grow into their powers. Those who develop their celestial gifts over time advance in the eladree template class. Because of the nature of their birth and the loving community in which they are raised, all known eladree are chaotic good (the alignment of their goddess, celestial ancestors, and elven community), though it is possible that one born in other circumstances might have a slightly different alignment.
     All known eladree are sun elves with the template or template class, but other elves or good humanoids can have the template as well.
(See this link to the WotC site for rules on template classes. (link not working yet, as the WotC article hasn't been posted yet) If you just want to use it as a regular template, give the base creature a +2 LA and the abilities from both levels in the template class.)

Table KS-1: The Eladree Template Class
1+0+2 Cha, outsider type, planetouched sun elf, darkvision 60 ft., electricity resistance 10, feather fall, lesser eladree powers
2+1+2 Cha, +2 Str, cold resistance 5, fire resistance 5, damage reduction 5/cold iron or magic, greater eladree powers

Description of Abilities
     Ability Score Changes: When an ability score increase is indicated, the character increases that ability score by the listed amount. These are typeless bonuses that stack with all other bonuses.
     Outsider Type (Ex): At 1st level in the template class, the eladree's celestial heritage manifests itself. Her type changes to "outsider (native)." She becomes vulnerable to spells and effects that work on creatures of the outsider type but is immune to effects that target her original type. For example, a good eladree would be subject to the extra damage from a good outsider bane sword, but would be immune to hold person because that spell affects only humanoids.
     Planetouched Sun Elf (Ex): An eladree may select aasimar or sun elf feats if she meets the feat's appropriate requirements.
     Feather Fall (Su): Because of her magical nature, an eladree is protected against falling. If put in a situation where she would take falling damage, a bralani-descended eladree is buoyed by a mass of swirling air that carries her safely to the ground as if under the effects of a feather fall spell, while a ghaele-descended eladree is similarly protected by a swirling globe of eldritch colors. This ability happens automatically, does not require an action to activate, and may be used as often as needed. It can support the eladree and whatever she is carrying (up to her maximum load).
     Lesser Eladree Powers (Sp): A 1st-level eladree chooses two spell-like abilities from the following list. Each is useable once per day with a caster level equal to her character level. The saves are Charisma-based. The possible abilities are: aid, blur, charm person, color spray, cure light wounds, dancing lights, detect evil, detect thoughts, disguise self, mirror image, invisibility, see invisibility.
     Greater Eladree Powers (Sp): A 2nd-level eladree can choose one spell-like ability from the following list or two from the lesser eladree powers list. Uses per day, caster level, and saves are as per the lesser eladree powers. The possible abilities are: cure serious wounds, dispel magic, lightning bolt, major image, wind wall.