Opinions on Things in the Player's Handbook

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Chapter 9: Adventuring

    Carrying Capacity: Note that carrying capacity doubles every 5 points your Strength increases, so every 5 point increase in Strength means your Strength has doubled. The same goes for other ability scores. So, if you want to convert a magic item that doubled a character's Dexterity (or whatever), don't double the score, just increase it by +5.

    Experience and Levels: When you gain a level, follow the steps in order listed on pages 145-146. That takes care of a lot of questions about whether or not you can do certain things when you level up (like pick a feat at level 6 that lets you qualify for a prestige class, and take the prestige class level at level 6 ... given the order of operations in this chapter, you can't do that).

    Short chapter, few comments. :)