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Recommendations for the Incantatrix

There has been some talk about the incantatrix class and how it interacts with classes other than wizards. Here are my opinions on the matter.

    Spellcasting: I'd only let the class advance arcane spellcasting. So you couldn't be a clr5/wiz5, take the prestige class, and start ramping up your cleric spellcasting. This is mainly because of the weirdness in "specialization" in a divine spellcasting class.

    Specialization: If you're a non-specialist wizard or a wizard specialized in something other than abjuration, you do get one more abjuration spell per day at each level and have to obey the rules for abjuration prohibited schools (pick a school or schools, as appropriate, and they can't be a school you already have as a prohibited school). If you don't have an abjuration spell at that spell level, you can still use it for abjuration spells of lower levels. If you don't have any abjuration spells of lower levels, that slot is useless to you. You aren't required to use your 2 free spells per level on an abjuration spell.
    If you're already an abjurer, you can get an extra abjuration spell per level per day, but to do so you have to pick more prohibited schools. If you don't opt for the extra spell per level per day, you don't have to take the additional prohibited schools. In either case, you don't get an additional Spellcraft bonus.
    If you're a bard, sorcerer, or other arcane spellcaster, you get one more abjuration spell per day at each level, just like the wizard who picked up a "new" abjuration specialty, but you also have to pick prohibited schools as described in the section on wizard specialization. You aren't requires to use any of your spells known gained at new level on abjuration spells.

    Improved Metamagic: You can only add one improved metamagic effect to any particular spell. You can still stack other metamagic effects on the spell. That prevents the "empowered (+1) empowered (+1) empowered (+1) fireball as a 6th-level spell" trick.