D&D Prestige Classes

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1/10/05 Scorpion Scion and Serpent Archer -- updated to 3.5 and modified to better suit The New Argonauts. 2/16/03 Spell Power: Scary, Ain't It? - a serious fix for a cool ability.

2/16/03 Recommendations for the Incantatrix - advice and a fix for the class.

6/21/02 Archmage - the version that almost made it into the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. BROKEN LINK

5/4/02 Scorpion Scion - a weird "scorpion poison in the blood" prestige class, inspired by a line from The Scorpion King.

2/28/02 Serpent Archer - a prestige class for weird snake cults, somewhat inspired by Thulsa Doom from Conan the Barbarian firing a snake from his bow to kill the princess.

10/12/01 Wild Magic - how I would handle wild magic in a balanced and 3rd edition D&D-acceptable way.

8/3/01 Incantatrix, an excerpt from Magic of Faerun posted on the WotC site.

12/27/00 Harper Scout, for the do-gooder Harpers in FR, written up for the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting and posted on the WotC site as a sneak peek. (NPC)