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Revised Teleport Table

The mishap table for the teleport spell violates one of the unwritten rules for D&D: a higher roll is better for the person making the roll. So I have reworked the table so the person teleporting wants to roll high (instead of the current version, where you hope for a low roll, in a flashback to 2E weirdness).

Update: At the suggestion of Gaël Zimmermann, I've changed the False Destination entry so it's not a faked d%-equivalent roll. The version presented below is statistically equivalent to the original d20+80.

FamiliarityMishapSimilar AreaOff TargetOn Target
Very familiar--0102-0304-100
Studied carefully0102-0304-0607-100
Seen casually01-0203-0607-1213-100
Viewed once01-0405-1213-2425-100
False destination 01-4041-100----