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You'll need Excel or some other spreadsheet software to use this.

8/26/02 Gear Generator - a spreadsheet that helps select gear for a PC or NPC, with pre-calculated costs for magic armor, weapons, and common magic items, plus spaces to enter your own customized gear. Tells you how much money the character has left to spend, and dumps it all into an easy to cut & paste line, ready for a stat block.
Staff Maker - a spreadsheet that helps calculate the price of a staff. Just enter the details (spell names, spell levels of those spells, whether the spell uses one or two charges, and the overall caster level) and it can figure out all of the mathematical goodies and dumps it all into an easy to cut & paste line in DMG format.
WeaponMaker 1.0 - a spreadsheet that calculates the cost of magic weapons. Just select the weapon type, weapon material (such as adamantine), enhancement bonus (if any), and click whatever properies it has. Automatically calculates caster level, market price, prerequisites, and cost to create. Even allows you to add custom properties. Dumps the result into a single cell for an easy cut-and-paste in DMG format.

Hypercard Stacks

These won't work unless you have some way to run Hypercard stacks (programs). Hypercard is an object-oriented simple programming environment created by Apple. It used to come free with every Mac. I think there is a PC stack-running utility out there, but I don't know where it might be.

Chi-Square - a stack that uses a mathematical formula to determine if a die is biased ("weighted," "loaded," whatever)
Combat - a stack that allows you to preprogram buttons for characters and monsters (with their levels or HD); in combat, you just click the buttons and it tells you what they rolled, what AC they hit, or by how many they missed AC 10. I used it in my PBEM.
Continent Maker - a stack that uses scattergrams to create random objects that resemble islands, continents, etc.
Dice Roller - a stack that generates random numbers, either as individual dice (such as six-sided, etc.) or with modifiers (such as 4d8+5)
Generator - a stack that generates random gems, jewelry, simple NPC's, potion miscibility, and treasure types, all based on the charts in the 1st edition AD&D DMG.
Krynn's Moons a stack I created to help keep track of the positions of the moons in the DragonLance campaign setting (for the purpose of how they affect Krynnish wizards).
MagicItems a stack that rolls up magical items based on the charts in the 1st edition AD&D DMG.
ShipMaker a stack to help build Spelljammer ships according to the tables in the War Captain's Companion.
SphereMaker a stack I wrote to randomly create planetary systems for the AD&D Spelljammer setting.