FRCS Cover Translation

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If you've seen the cover of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, you know it has writing in Dethek (Dwarven) and Espruar (Elven) script on the cover. Well, that writing actually means something--I think it was Rich Baker and I that came up with those phrases and had the graphic designers use the WotC Dethek and Espruar fonts to "translate" them, along with some numbers to fill in some of the gaps in the circle.

Enough people ask about what the words mean that I thought I'd post it here. The funny thing is that I lost my original record of the text (it was an email exchange between Rich and I), so I have to rely on the reverse-translation by Brian D. Gute, who wrote down letter-by-letter what the messages mean. Here they are:

Dethek: The secret fires of our hearts burn with the memory of wars lost and heroes slain, but like the stone from which we came, we endure

Espruar: We remember cities* now in ruin and forests murdered, yet still we sing to the stars and hope for renewal.

*There's actually no letter "C" in Espruar, so on the cover it's spelled "sities."